This bachelor’s residence grows vertically from a top-floor apartment in Greenwich Village. Its overall form is inspired by the ubiquitous, ad-hoc roofscape of New York--particularly its iconic water towers. A double-height Foyer is lit by clerestories. The craggy tactility of the brick shell is contrasted with the precise geometries of the addition. Two full baths contain frosted glass showers. These function as glowing lanterns, illuminating the corridors at night. The Master Suite features a row of pivoting doors, which shut to create an occasional Guest Room. Generous wall space allows for the display of art, and the space opens up to favorable diagonal views. A mezzanine accomodates a Home Office and an intimate banquette. Ascending from the mezzanine, French doors lead to a fully-equipped outdoor living space, which fully enjoys--and becomes an integral part of--the landscape of water towers and other topographies of the city.



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