This project transforms a featureless 745 square feet space into a serene loft. Vinyl flooring, low ceilings, and a thirty foot entry hall we peeled away to reveal scored concrete floors and high ceilings with robust beams. Beginning with the window treatments, new translucent skins were added to the space.

The Kitchen and (miniscule) Bath were flipped, banishing the long hall and opening up a continuous band of north-facing windows. Frank Lloyd Wright liked to make the hearth the center of the home. Here, a luminescent steam shower provides the focal point for the very fit men occupying this residence. The mullions on the steam shower are aligned vertically with the scored concrete floor and horizontally with the countertops, weaving old and new into a coherent interior landscape. The Bath gains a double vanity. Seamless Corian walls and ceilings ensure a bright and low-maintenance oasis. Off-the-shelf cabinets are redeemed with custom edge detailing, marble countertops, and high-quality appliances. A frosted mirror backsplash weaves another layer of translucence into the space.

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From the intuition of John Brown, dean of research at the University of Calgary, was born the movement of Slow Home. Through his website ( Brown speaks to his web audience in accessible language. Every Friday a case study of a real-life design is analyzed. Each week presents a different theme and daily videos for his “virtual” Design School for “real” life.



[VIDEO] 09.01. Case Study

Chelsea Renovation, New York, Part 2 - Click here to see the SLOW HOME blog comments.


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